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Andhra Pradesh Wildlife


Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra PradeshThe dense forests in mountainous expanse offers literal habitat to the wildlife. Andhra Pradesh, being a large state, has adequate conditions and environment for the fauna to settle here. In the presence of wide range of animals and birds, along with rich vegetation, the Government took the initiative to make these creatures feel safe. So, away from the bustling city life, they declared certain areas as wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. In the list of wildlife sanctuaries of the country, there are innumerable national parks and sanctuaries that are contributed by the third largest state of India. Click on the following links to know more about the important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Andhra Pradesh.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary


Location: Adilabad district

Established In: 1964

Attractions: Different species of plants and animals

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is the prefect destination to look for multiplicity of flora and fauna in India. Located in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh, the sanctuary lies at a distance of 50 km from Mancherila and 260 km from Hyderabad. It was established in 1964 with the purpose of safeguarding the endangered species in their natural habitat. Owing to its bio-diversity, the haven was declared as a wildlife sanctuary later.


Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is visited by number of tourists every year. It has two watch towers, which offer stunning view of the surroundings. Sprawled across an area of 893 sq kms, the sanctuary boasts of a dry deciduous forest where teak, bamboo and numerous varieties of trees, shrubs and herbs can be seen. It houses various animals, including Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, Panther and Tiger.

The range of reptiles comprises of Python, Crocodile, Star Tortoise, Monitor Lizard, Cobra and many others. Talking about avifauna, one can trace various species of birds like Partridge, Quails, Peacocks, Eagles, Kites, Owls, Mynahs and Kingfishers here. During winters, the chirping sound of the migratory birds reverberates in the region. If you are keen on watching animals and birds, you can wait near rivulets and brooks where they usually come for water.

Winter season offers the best time to visit the sanctuary because the weather gets too dry in summers and too humid in monsoons. You can also opt for jeep safari, while having a closer, yet safer, view of the wildlife, to make your trip more interesting. Accommodation is also available here with the Forest Guest House. In concise, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is a nice place to experience adventure and thrill, mingled with enjoyment.

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary


Location: Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh

Established In: 1987

Attraction: Fresh Water Crocodiles

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary of Andhra Pradesh is a total delight for nature lovers. Sited on the banks of River Godavari, the sanctuary is known for its population of fresh water crocodiles. This haven truly appears to be immersed in nature's beauty and splendor. Sprawled in an area of 36.29 sq km, the wildlife asylum lies at a distance of about 10 km, 50 km and 80 km from Manthani, Mancherial and Karimnagar, respectively.


Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preserve of its own kind, which boasts of exotic flora and fauna in India. It has deciduous vegetation, comprising of Teak, Timan, Gumpena, Terminalias, Kodsha and thorny shrubs. The sanctuary is home to fauna like Tiger, Panther, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Cheetal, Sambar, Chausingha, Nilgai, Python, etc. Established in 1987, the Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary was initiated with a purpose of safeguarding crocodiles.

The main attraction of the sanctuary is made up of different species of Crocodiles. Here you can view numerous crocodiles basking in the sun. The Mugger Crocodile seen here is infact a fresh water crocodile that is found in the Indo-Gangetic Rivers like Godavari. Unlike the salt water crocodiles, the Muggers can crawl for substantial distances on land. This feature of the fresh water creatures has popularized them amongst the tourists.

A trip to Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary would be best if it is planned in the winter season. The haven makes a great outing for dwellers of the region. While in the sanctuary, don't forget to move around the jungle in the jeeps available there. This jungle safari would definitely be an exciting and adventurous expedition for you. To put succinctly, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely a place that cannot you cannot afford to miss.

Sri Venkateswara National Park


Location: 10 km from Tirupathi

Established In: 1989

Attractions: Waterfalls, Variety of Flora and Fauna

Sri Venkateswara National Park is another attraction amidst the range of sanctuaries in India. Sited at a distance of 10 km from Tirupati, the park sprawls in an area of 353 sq km, over the Kadapa and Chittoor districts of Andhra Pradesh. It boasts of many mesmerizing waterfalls, like Talakona, Gundalakona and Gunjana. Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary makes an interesting excursion from the divine land of Tirupati.


For a nature lover, the park is no less than a veritable heaven, where precipitous gorges, sheer ridges, unfathomable valleys and striking waterfalls find their place in a lush green countryside, surrounded by Seshachalam and Tirumala hills. Over and above, a plethora of wild animals and birds make the affable community in this indigenous land. Established in 1989, Sri Venkateswara National Park was named after Lord Venkateswara - the 'Lord of Seven Hills'.

The wide range of fauna found here includes wild animals and mammals like Tiger, Civet, Jackal, Black Buck, Panther, Spotted Deer, Ibex, Sloth Bear, Pig, Bear, Bonnet Monkey, Wild Dogs, Bison, Jackal, Fox, Rare Golden Gecko, Jungle Fowl, Indian Giant Squirrel, Tree Shrew, Flying Lizards, Nilgai, Wildboar, Occasional Leopard and Hyena. Avifauna comprises of more than 100 species of birds, including Crested Serpant Eagle, Ashy Crowned Finch Lark, Indian Roller, Kingfishers, White bellied Woodpecker, etc.

Besides fauna, Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is also quite rich in flora and foliage. The mixed vegetation in the park has patches of moist deciduous tree-plants. It has approximately 1500 species of plants, which belong to 176 families. Some of plant species available in Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary are Sandalwood, Redsanders, Shorea, Thumbergiana, Shorea talura, Terminalia pallida, Cycas beddomei, Syzygium alternifoliumm, Tamba Jalari, Gymnosperm, Tella Karakkaya, etc.

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park


Location: Vanasthalipuram, 15 Kilometers from Hyderabad

Established in: 1975

Attractions: Endangered Black Bucks

In Andhra Pradesh, Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is a popular destination amongst the lovers of wildlife. Situated in Vanasthalipuram, at a distance of 15 kmsfrom Hyderabad, the park was established in 1975 and named after 'Lord Mahavira', to commemorate the 2500th birth anniversary of the prodigy. Once the hunting ground of the 'Nizams', Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park was later developed into a full-fledged sanctuary by the Government of India.


During monsoons, Vanasthali National Park appears mesmerizing with different colorful flowers blooming all around. The endangered Black Buck deer is found here in plenty. In fact, the park has estimated 400 deer in its expanse. Apart from the Black Bucks, there are many other species of animals here, including Cheetahs, Wild Boar, Monitor Lizards, Mongooses and Porcupines. Regarding avifauna, there are different varieties of Partridges, Quails, Peacocks, Doves, Pond Herons, Egrets, Kites, Vultures, Eagle, Kingfishers and Cormorants.

More than 80 species of migratory birds can be seen here. Another rare variety amongst birds is the Short-toed Eagle. If you are really interested in seeing the fauna from near, you can tour the park in the vans provided by the authorities. The vegetation of the park is rich with flora like Neem, Butea, Bauhinias Accacias and many thorny shrubs. Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park also houses an exhibition hall, where different items of the wild life conversation are displayed.

Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary


Location: Sangareddy, 50 kms from Hyderabad

Area: 20 sq km

Attractions: Various species of plants, animals and birds

Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary HyderabadManjira Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary is a renowned haven that domiciles large number of local as well as migratory birds in Andhra Pradesh. Lying near Sangareddy in Medak district, this wildlife refuge is located alongside Manjira River. If you happen to be nature aficionado, this place would be an awesome treat for you. Snuggled between Manjeera and Singur barrages, the harbor formed by nine small islands extends over an area of 20 sq km.


Water plants found in this wildlife asylum include Pistia, Hydrilla, Eichornia and Vallisneria. You can also see different species of fish including Catla, Rahu, Murrel, Ech Paten, Karugu and Chidwa. Manjira Bird Sanctuary also houses reptiles like Monitor Lizards, Fresh Water Turtles, Cobra and Marsh Crocodiles. By means of boats, you can take a trip down the twirling Manjira to watch birds around the sanctuary. You can also hire binoculars and books from the authorities to identify the birds.

However in order to trace birds, you need to be a little patient and observe silence. The birds seen at Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary Painted comprise of Storks, Herons, Coots, Teals, Cormorants, Pochards, Black and White Ibises, Spoon Bills, Open Billed Storks, etc. The sanctuary also has museum, library and an auditorium in its Environmental Education Centre. The centre actually works to inform people about the benefits of nature conversation and protection of ecological balance.

Nehru Zoological Park


Location: Bahadurpur, at a distance of 16 km from Hyderabad

Established In: 1963

Significance: Largest zoo in India

Attractions: 1,500 species of animals and birds, Lion Safari Park, Natural History Museum and Museum of Pre-historic Animals

Nehru Zoological Park HyderabadNehru Zoological Park is credited with being the largest zoo in India. It is located at a distance of 16 km from Hyderabad and comes under the Bahadupur region. The park was named after Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. For wildlife lovers, Nehru Zoological Park is the best place to explore the rich flora and fauna in its natural habitat. Sprawled over an area of approximately 300 acres, the zoo has a wide array of animals, birds and reptiles.

Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tiger, White Tiger, Black Panther, Giraffes and Black Bears are some amongst the animals' treasure of the zoo. In case you are hunting for adventure and buzz, then you can take jeep safari of the Lion Park, a place with exclusive charm throughout the continent. Nehru Zoological Park is an abode to both, African and Indian Lions. If lucky enough, you may come across the Big Cats devouring their kill just a few feet away.


Apart from the animals, there are also reptiles, including Giant/Star Tortoises, Water Turtles, Chameleons, Hooded Indian Cobra, Monitor Lizards, Russell's Viper, Giant Rock-Python, Tree Snakes, Estuarine Crocodiles, etc. Amongst the herbivores, Nehru Zoological Park also boasts of Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Zebras, Chousingha, American Bison, Chinkara, Antelopes, Black Buck, Deer, Sambar, Brow Antler Deer, etc.

Natural History Museum, which exhibits old artifacts and dummies of extinct animals, is another attraction at the park. In the periphery, there is a Nocturnal Birds Park also, housing atypical and exotic species of nocturnal birds and animals including owls and lemurs. There is another museum that displays pre-historic creatures which were present on the earth before the appearance of human race. Here, you can also see computerized dummies of dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures, which look quite real.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park


Location: On National Highway No. 5, in Kambalakonda Reserve Forest

Attraction: Hippopotamus and Crocodiles

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park VIsakhapatnamIndira Gandhi Zoological Park is one amongst the largest zoos of India, sited in the natural surroundings of a reserve forest. Sprawled in an area of 625 acres, the park was named after Indira Gandhi - the former Prime Minister of India. It was opened to the public in the year 1977. Located amidst Kambalakonda Reserve Forest in Visakhapatnam, the zoological park is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth.

The Park houses almost eighty species, numbering to eight hundred animals, in its expanse. Infact, it has special sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, ungulates, reptiles and birds in their natural replicated enclosures. Amongst the primates, the extra attention is gained by Rhesus monkey, Bonnet monkey, Mandrills, Olive and Sacred baboons, whereas Panthers, Tigers, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Wolves, Jackals, Hyena, Ratel, etc are the major ones in Carnivores.


The section of Reptiles has Pythons, Tortoise, Terrapins, Monitor lizards, Snakes and Water Monitor Lizards. In the range of Herbivores, the park embraces Elephant, Bison, Sambar, Spotted deer and Thamin deer. Regarding Avifauna, there are Grey/ Rosy pelicans, Pied hornbills, Painted storks, Peacocks, Ducks, Love birds, Cockatiels, Macaws and various other ground birds. You can also walk beside the aviaries, which comprise a diverse collection of birds from the Eastern Ghats.

The animals like Himalayan Black Bear and Sloth Bear are kept in separate huge enclosures. Apart from other animals and birds, the special attraction at the park is made by the Hippopotamus and the Crocodiles, which can be seen basking in the sun. It is for sure that an expedition to this park would be fun for both, old and young. On your trip to Andhra Pradesh, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is certainly a place worth-visiting.

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