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Hill Stations


Anantagiri Hills Andhra PradeshHill Stations furnish the idea of tranquil and unruffled place, far away from the city chaos. Perhaps everyone dreams of such haven, where everything appears drenched in pastoral beauty. Untouched by the commotion of metropolitan lifestyle, the hill stations of India also offer peace and solitude to those who want to relax. Andhra Pradesh is known for variety of reasons and one out of them is its hill stations.

Enveloped with lush greenery, these hill stations are known for their salubrious atmosphere and pleasant weather. Moreover, they provide a wonderful respite to the people from the hot and sultry weather of the state. Green woods, incredible landscape and cascading gorges are the inseparable part of these hill resorts. Scroll down to know more about each and every important hill station of Andhra Pradesh.

Anantagiri Hills


When the tangled nerves need some break, a hill station is the only term that comes spontaneously to the mind. Anantagiri Hills is one such hill station, which soothes you to the core. Amidst the refreshing natural splendor, this hill station is certainly a paradise for all, mainly because of its serene atmosphere. Located at Ananthagiri that comes under Visakhapatnam district, Anantagiri Hills is one amongst the only three hill stations of Andhra Pradesh.

It's a place where lush green hills appear bantering with the clouds and ravines pacifying the thirst of foliage. Known as a summer resort place, Anantagiri Hills serves as the best destination to beat the heat of scorching sun. The loveliest fact about this place is that its beauty is untouched by the commercial city life. Dotted with trees and gorges, the hill-station is a wonderful place to relax and unwind yourself.

Moreover, the drive from the city of Vizag to Anantagiri presents some cherishable scenes, ranging from mango groves to dense forests. The panoramic vista of this amazing hill station of India would make you feel out of this world. Coffee plantations make another picturesque sight from the vantage point. Infact, Ananthagiri is considered to be a salubrious hill station, since it has got pollution-free environment unlike the crowded cities.

Its sublime climate attracts ample of tourists throughout the year and in consideration of tourism, there are quite a few accommodations available at the hill. Regarding the flora, Anantagiri forests embrace vast variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Cascading gorges, beautiful landscape and lush greenery would replenish your energies and revive you to the soul. Once there, it is for sure that you would fall in love with the beauty of the Ananthagiri Hills.

Araku Hills


Araku Valley is a soothing hill station in the expanse of Andhra Pradesh. Enveloped in pastoral beauty, this beautiful valley has an elevation of 1,300 meters. Imagine a deep valley, where lush greenery is accompanied by shimmering waters of gorges and then you see an isolated hut and wish, if you could go there. Aruku Valley is essentially such a place, where the scenery exactly goes with your mind's eye.

On your drive towards this peaceful hill station, you will be greeted by many tunnels, bridges, orchards and waterfalls. Aruku Valley is actually a faction of five unfathomable valleys. It is certainly a great place to relax and unwind yourself. Over and above, you can go for trekking in the serene hills. Ranging from salubrious weather to beautiful landscape, Araku Valley has each and every asset to acclaim it as a Shangri-La.

The immense and incomparable beauty of the valley comes alive in its waterfalls, gardens and forests. It is also known for its tribal settlements and you can check out the Aruku Tribal Museum, to have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the tribal people. Some attractions not to be missed on your trip to Aruku Valley are Damuku View Point, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Tida Tunnel, Government Silk Farm and Mulberry Gardens.

The valley boasts of unmatched natural beauty and magnificent splendor. From various viewpoints, you can behold the heavenly vista of the profound valley. The wonderful landscape seems to be straight out of a fairytale. The surroundings are picturesque and the atmosphere serene. A visit to the valley is the perfect way to escape from the mundane tensions of the everyday life. Just a look of Aruku Valley is enough to remain etched in your memory forever and ever.

Horsley Hills


Horsley Hills is a mesmerizing place where lofty peaks appear to be conversing with the blue skies. Perched at an elevation of 1,265 meters, this hill station would certainly tempt you with its beguiling beauty. Sited in Chittoor district, Horsley is the one of the three hill-stations in Andhra Pradesh. Its name has been derived from W.D. Horsley, who was the collector of Cuddapah district and an admirer of the hamlet's beauty.

Inhabited by Chenchu tribes, Horsley Hills has been a kind haven for the heat-scorched souls from years. It is the only coolest place in the southern and western parts of Andhra Pradesh. Travel to Horsley Hills, where divine fragrance of flowers flanking the roads will enthrall you to the core of your heart. Hills enveloped in green forests with exotic variety of flora, make a great resort for the people engaged in chaotic city life.

The forest area boasts of flora like Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Allamanda, Gulmohar, Reeta, Shikakai, Amla, Beedi leaves, Bay leaves, Sandalwood, Red sanders, Blue Gum, Mahogany and Bamboo. Horsley Hills also presents a panoramic vista of Madanapalle, the only town in the proximity. The scenic beauty of the place captures the interest of anyone to stay here and unwind in the nature's lap.

Nearby in the valley, Rishi Valley School is a popular attraction which is one amongst the best schools of India. Mallamma Temple is a religious place amidst the verdant greenery, adding spiritual aura to this beautiful place. You can trek the region around and if lucky enough, you may come across animals like Bears, Wild Dogs, Jungle Fowl, Sambars and Panthers can come across your sight. The splendor of Horsely Hills also led to it being known as 'Andhra Ooty'.

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