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Andhra Pradesh Beaches


Ramakrishna Beach Andhra PradeshCornucopia of water along with frothy waves soothes the mind to the core. It is said that our mind stops calculating before the ocean. The profound waters of the sea offer a sense of contentment, a feeling that makes us realize - we are too small to be in charge of everything and certainly there is some celestial power to command each and every thing. Beaches are the best place to feel aforesaid pleasure and bliss.

Andhra Pradesh has the distinction of embracing the second largest coastline in India. This shoreline of at least 970 kms is dotted with numerous beautiful and peaceful beaches. The best part is that you can find beaches ranging from isolated ones to crowded ones. If you want to spend some time in solitude, you can try out the former ones otherwise be a sport on the later ones, where you can engage into various leisure activities. Check out the famous beach of Andhra Pradesh.

Ramakrishna Beach

Location: On the coast of Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam

Attraction: Beautiful landscape

Ramakrishna Beach VisakhapatnamRamakrishna Beach is the most popular beach of Visakhapatnam. With its serene waters and tranquil atmosphere, the beach offers a lovely vista of the countryside. In the past few years, it has gained immense popularity amongst the tourists. Situated on the coastline of Andhra Pradesh, the beach overlooks the Bay of Bengal, along with its natural splendor. Infact, the marvelous landscape is beyond comparison.

The natural harbour of Vishakhapatnam is to be found on the north-east of Ramakrishna Beach. Actually, this picturesque beach is the extension of the Coromandal Coast of India. Favorable for sunbathing and surfing, the shoreline is dotted with boats and ships on one side. Many private companies are planning to set up sport complexes here in the near future. Over and above, the spectacularly beautiful beach also makes the venue of the famous Visakha Utsav.

From the harbor, you can take cruise for Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Owing to the reason, Ramakrishna Beach has also got the glare of publicity. The vast stretch of blue waters juxtaposes the sight of bustling activities of the city on the opposite side. In the evenings, the beach gets crowded with both young and old, having fun time on the sands. Though not much, there are enough water sports available at the shore.

Since Ramakrishna Beach comprises a large part of the water's edge, it has got a huge area where different activities can take place simultaneously. You can take the local cruise to enjoy the sunset and sunrise amidst the tranquil waters. Apart from all this, you can take a ride in the traditional fishing boat by asking the fisher folk to arrange it for you. And for sure, Ramakrishna Beach would become an inseparable part of your most cherished memories.

Rishikonda Beach

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Rishikonda Beach is the perfect destination for people on a holiday. The untouched sandy stretches and warm waves of the ocean make this beach definitely worth-visiting. Sited at a comfortable distance of 8 km from Visakhapatnam, Rishikonda is one amongst the best beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The term 'serene landscape' fits perfectly for the beach, where blue waters extend till the golden horizon.

The quietude and tranquility of this lovely beach cannot be bounded in words. Imagine the scene, where you are lolling over warm sands and water is touching your feet after every few seconds. On top of this, presence of green plants and foliage makes this whole picture look alive. There is no need to snap out of your dreams; since Rishikonda Beach is the literal place you were dreaming to spend your impending holiday in.

For swimming, water-skiing and wind-surfing, the seashore offers the finest place to indulge into leisure-activities. Sit under the sun or stroll around and feel the caressing touch of the golden rays at the beach. The Sun, thinning out its light all over the sea, brings an incredible vista before the sight. The warmth in the atmosphere would make you spend some quality time at the shore. It is for sure that a visit to Rishikonda Beach would be an invigorating experience for you.

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Location: Bhimli, 24 km from Visakhapatnam

Attraction: Ruins of Dutch Settlement

Bhimunipatnam Beach VisakhapatnamBheemunipatnam Beach is a peaceful and serene beach, situated along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst the blue waters and tall coconut trees, this beach appears to be the perfect site for honeymooners. The sparkling sands that get soaked by the warm waves revive the childhood days, when kids make sand houses. The breathtaking beauty of Bhimunipatnam Beach cannot be bounded in mere words.

Located at Bhimli (Bheemunipatnam), which comes under Visakhapatnam district, this beautiful beach attracts tourists from all parts of India. It also offers an ideal site to take sun-bath, while getting salubrious tan. According to the folklores, the place derived its name from Bhima (one of the Pandavas), who killed Bakasura here. He commemorated his victory by installing an idol of Goddess Lakshmi, on top of a hill.

Another point about this beach is that it is regarded as one amongst the safest beaches for swimming in Andhra Pradesh. A little distance from the beach, you can trace the remnants of a fort, which proves the existence of Dutch settlement in the region. Hollanders Green, an ancient cemetery that dates back to the 17th century, is other attraction to be seen here. To be precise, Bhimunipatnam Beach is a lovely place that would spellbind you with its charisma.

Manginapudi Beach

Location: Near Machilipatnam, 85 km from Vijaywada

Attraction: Dattashram

Manginapudi Beach Andhra PradeshManginapudi Beach revives the times of the yore, when its port used to serve as a gateway of India. Located near Machilipatnam, this spectacular beach falls along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from its natural splendor, the coast also has historical significance. Its natural bay, with moderately shallow and safe waters, boasts of being one of the safest beaches for water sports. Unlike other beaches, Manginapudi Beach has black soil instead of sands.

A little away from the seashore, a park has been established here, that has fountains and well-lit surroundings. Manginapudi Beach is a wonderful place to relax, far from the turmoil of city life. At the time of Kartika Poornima, thousands of devotees take a holy dip in the sea every year. Manginapudi Beach also boasts of a full fledged dance school, which offers courses to instruct students in the Kuchipudi dance.

On the banks of the sea coast, Dattashram is an ancient pilgrimage site comprising a temple of Lord Shiva. Owing to the sanctification of 9 wells of bath, like Rameswaram, Manginapudi is also known as 'Datta Rameswaram'. An old lighthouse on a sea cliff, being a unique construction, also attracts visitors. Away from the hustle and bustle, Manginapudi Beach is just perfect to spend some time in solitude amidst natural beauty.

Mypad Beach

Location: Mypad village, 25 kms from Nellore

Attraction: Serene Atmosphere

Mypad Beach Andhra PradeshWith a picturesque coastline, Mypad Beach has serene landscape that never fails to impress its visitors. The aesthetic appeal in its beauty differentiates this tranquil seashore from the other beaches, where water sports have plasticized the countryside. About 25 km from Nellore city of Andhra Pradesh, Mypad Beach is certainly a treat for any sea lover. The silky sands of the beach create a mirage when golden sunrays fall on them. The blue sky, touching the azure waters, creates simply an incredible vista. The green foliage adds to the sheer charisma of this spectacular coastline.

For leisure tourists, Mypad Beach is the perfect destination that offers quiet moments. While visiting this beach, don't forget to carry all the important things like sunscreens, because you might not get them here. The untouched Mypad Beach is more than peaceful; its tranquility would definitely touch your soul. This beach is really for those who want to get some relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a dormant tourist place and that's the main reason for its serenity and quietude. Visit this beautiful beach and experience the natural opulence, amidst the warm waves of the sea.

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